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Screen Printing

We love screen printers!  The ones we know are artists, renegades and visionaries.  No suits and ties (or the female equivalent where applicable) for them---ever.  So it’s not surprising that we have had plenty discussions with our artist friends about things such as what makes the best “blank canvas”, the craziest thing they ever screen printed or what temperature to use when screen printing a non-woven tote (answer: the lowest temperature possible).

We created the econscious line with screen-printers in mind.  We think of our tees as works of art waiting to happen.  And when our conversations invariably roll around to the question of the most “environmentally responsible” printing method…then things get interesting.    Our discussions gave rise to many different viewpoints, so we decided there was only one thing to do.  Get scientific. 

To help with the science we turned to our friends at Brown and Williams Environmental LLC and asked them to survey the existing ink technologies on the market.   Before you click the link---put your thinking cap on because this is some dense material.

To read about their findings click here.


Download our econscious catalog (pdf)

We invite you to explore our catalog complete with new styles, new colors, and new fabrications; all designed with you and mother earth in mind.