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1% For The Planet

1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. We recognize that the current level of environmental giving - only 3% of total philanthropy - is not enough to solve the most pressing issues facing our planet.  As members of 1% For the Planet econscious donates 1% of our retail sales to environmental non-profits that are working to restore, protect, and advocate for our home, planet earth.


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Here are some of the environmental non-profits that your purchases have supported:

econscious GIVING. Our commitment to the environment extends well beyond how our products are made, to the community at large. Giving back is a fundamental part of our DNA and a huge part of what makes us excited to go to work every day. We believe that by leveraging our collective resources we can all play a role in the global movement towards a more sustainable and just society.

Earthjustice is the legal backbone for more than a thousand organizations, large and small.
Behind nearly every major environmental win, you'll find Earthjustice.


SEE Turtles mission is to protect endangered turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts through ecotourism, education, and Billion Baby Turtles.

Daily Acts is creating a tipping point towards sustainability by growing and strengthening the engaged citizens and networks and spreading the skills, models and policies to significantly reduce resource use while increasing community resilience.
Our mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals—their health and that of their ocean environment—and to inspire their global conservation. Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community.
Petaluma Bounty is working to create a sustainable Petaluma food system with healthy fresh food for everyone!Formed in summer 2006 with initial seed funding from the Hub of Petaluma Foundation, Petaluma Bounty is a community-based nonprofit that is helping folks to grow their own healthy food, redistributing surplus food, and providing affordable fresh food to low-income families and seniors
The Petaluma Wetlands Alliance works with the schools, governments, environmental organizations, and the community. They educate the public about the ecology, wildlife, and values of wetlands. 
The Petaluma Wetlands Alliance is dedicated to the stewardship, restoration, and expansion of publicly accessible wetlands and associated wildlife habitats.
Sonoma Valley is a beautiful, biologically rich watershed. Its natural abundance is the foundation for a world-class quality of life experience for residents and visitors alike. Whether expressed in premiere wines or breathtaking natural vistas, its bounty and beauty are part of a unique natural heritage.

 The Organic Center is your trusted, go-to source of information for scientific research about organic food and farming.  We cover up-to-date studies on sustainable agriculture and health, and collaborate with academic and governmental institutions to fill gaps in our knowledge.


Oceana seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life. Founded in 2001, Oceana is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation.

Rainforest Action Network campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life by transforming the global marketplace through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. RAN believes “that a sustainable world can be created in our lifetime, and that aggressive action must be taken immediately to leave a safe and secure world for our children”. 
Farm Aid works with local, regional and national organizations to promote fair farm policies and grassroots organizing campaigns designed to defend and bolster family farm-centered agriculture.
Angel Azul explores the artistic journey of Jason deCaires Taylor, an innovative artist who combines creativity with an important environmental solution; the creation of artificial coral reefs from statues he's cast from live models. When algae overtakes the reefs however, experts provide the facts about the perilous situation coral reefs currently face and solutions necessary to save them.
Weber Pathways is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to plan, promote, construct, and protect non-motorized trails and related open space in Weber County, UT. We are committed to the idea that non-motorized network of public pathways significantly contribute to our community’s economic vitality and quality of life.
Our Mission:
We inspire positive personal and community change by bringing people together around food and agriculture; We partner with youth and people with low-incomes to create empowering individual & community food solutions; We offer tools & trainings to help build a just & sustainable food system.
Save The Bay is the largest regional organization working to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay since 1961. Save The Bay engages more than 50,000 supporters, advocates, and volunteers to protect the Bay from pollution and reckless shoreline development and make it cleaner and healthier for people and wildlife.
At Point Blue, our mission is to advance the conservation of birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through science, partnerships and outreach. Our 140 scientists work to reduce the impacts of habitat loss, climate change, and other environmental threats while promoting nature-based solutions for wildlife and people, on land and at sea.
The Kokua Hawaii Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii.
Our mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth.
The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster.
Supporting the Pursuit of Innovative Culinary Entrepreneurs
Spice Kitchen Incubator is a new project of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), in partnership with Salt Lake County. It will be a community kitchen space to bring together refugees and other disadvantaged community members interested in starting a full or part-time food business.
The Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working in the field, everyday, to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo. Volunteers from around the world defend buffalo on their traditional winter habitat and advocate for their protection. Our daily patrols stand with the buffalo on the ground they choose to be on, and document every move made against them.
The RCD is a local non-regulatory organization whose mission is to promote responsible watershed management through voluntary community stewardship and technical assistance.
Waterkeeper Alliance provides a way for communities to stand up for their right to clean water and for the wise and equitable use of water resources, both locally and globally. The vision of the movement is fishable, swimmable and drinkable waterways worldwide and their belief is that the best way to achieve this vision is through grassroots advocacy.
City Slicker Farms empowers West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens.
These spaces provide healthy, affordable food and improve the environment. We seek to serve all West Oakland residents, prioritizing people who have least access.
Founded in 1892, Sierra Club is the oldest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. Over the years, the Club has helped preserve and protect over 250 million acres of wild lands and 12,000 miles of wild and scenic rivers.
River Network empowers and unites people and communities to protect and restore rivers and other waters that sustain the health of our country. 
For more than twenty years, River Network has empowered and united people and communities to protect and restore rivers and other waters that sustain the health of our country.
The National Wildlife Federation is America's largest conservation organization. They work with more than 4 million members, partners and supporters in communities across the country to protect and restore wildlife habitat, confront global warming and connect with nature.
Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
The Nevada Wilderness Project is a catalyst for wildlife habitat conservation, wilderness preservation, and smart development of renewable energy. 
Since 1999, NWP has led successful campaigns to protect more than 2.5 million acres of public land in Nevada as Wilderness.
American Forests works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests. Healthy forests filter water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon, and provide homes for wildlife. Help plant trees to restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and to clean our air and water.
350.org is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis.  Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries.
Santa Barbara Channelkeeper's mission is to protect and restore the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds through citizen action, education, field work, and enforcement. We work on the water and in communities throughout the South Coast to prevent the pollution of our local beaches, waterways and wetlands from urban runoff, sewage spills, agricultural operations, as well as oil and gas production.
The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 50,000 members and 80 chapters worldwide.
Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife is a major national conservation organization focused solely on wildlife and habitat conservation and the safeguarding of biodiversity. We believe in the inherent value of wildlife and the natural world, and this singular focus defines our important niche in the environmental and conservation community and serves as the anchor for our organizational values.
Today, the greatest threats to our coastal waters and watersheds, and to all of us - both human and animal - that rely on the ocean for pleasure, income or sustenance, come from urban and stormwater runoff, plastic pollution, and the ever-increasing stresses to our marine environment from over-fishing and climate change.
Since our first victory in 1990, which saved the Guadalupe Mountains from all future mining activities, Amigos Bravos has not faltered in our commitment to protect New Mexico's precious waters and the communities that depend on them. Based in Taos, with a statewide mission, Amigos Bravos has grown into a well respected and nationally recognized river and water protection organization.
Established in 1998 by the founder of the Real Goods Trading Company, John Schaeffer, the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, CA, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission of "Promoting sustainable living through inspirational environmental education".
Environmental Working Group empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. We drive consumer choice and civic action with breakthrough research and an informed public.
The Union of Concerned Scientists puts rigorous, independent science to work to solve our planet's most pressing problems. Joining with citizens across the country, we combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to create innovative, practical solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.


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