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Custom & Private Label


Private Label

Your Brand, Our expertise. econscious specializes in helping brands expand their sustainable product offerings.  Whether you are an established brand or a startup, our team of sustainable apparel experts will help you realize your vision.  Our services include private label programs, stock programs and custom development, all designed to suit the unique needs of your brand.

We have a wide variety of sustainable styles that premium eco-brands relabel, decorate and call their own.

Using Existing econscious Styles:

At our factory:

Some folks opt to relabel and decorate at our factories.  Our minimum order requirement (MOQ) to relabel and decorate an existing style/color at one of our factories is:

Headwear 1200 units per style/color

Bags & Totes 1200 units per style/color

Tee Shirts & Hoodies 1200 units per style/color

This is the most economical approach but it takes time. In general, the manufacturing process from approved pre-production sample takes 90-120 days door to door.

In the USA:

The simplest and easiest way to relabel and decorate of goods is to contact your local screen printer and ask about the services they offer.  Most screen printers and embroiderers will be happy to order econscious apparel & accessories and decorate them for you.  We have also found that domestic screen printers usually have very reasonable MOQs.   If you need help finding a screen printer, please contact us and we would be delighted to refer you to someone in your area.

Custom Designs Using econscious Fabrics/Colors:


Apparel 5,000 units per style/color

Bags & Totes 1200 units per style/color

Headwear 1200 units per style/color

Lead time from approved pre-production sample 90-120 days.

Custom Designs Using Other Sustainable Materials:

To all you visionaries that need your design to be totally custom we applaud you!  You know what you want and it has to reflect the values of your brand.   Here’s the thing; due to the nature of specialty sustainable materials and the need to vet their origins, we have found that creating or sourcing these types of materials involves higher MOQs than the average start-up wants to invest in.    The take away? If you are ready to dive in deep---we can help!

To find our more contact info@econscious.net.


Download our econscious catalog (pdf)

We invite you to explore our 2020 collection complete with new styles, new colors, and new fabrications; all designed with you and mother earth in mind.